How tuff it is to be different. Not fitting into the model which society, Tinelli o your peers impose and demand. And within that category it´s us, FAT GIRLS. We aren´t that popular socially. Same thing must happen if you´re bolivian and listen to wachiturros. It is the awful truth, that of course, being a […]

Being fat: today and always


Today we bring an article about types of men. The ones that are better lost than to find them.

10 types of men you have to run away from


Today we present a list of five moves that you must never make when trying to hook up at a club.

5 moves you must not make when trying to hook up with a woman at a club…


On this occasion, we leave you with a real story about two friends on the difficulties of getting laid.

Gurka’s weird theory on the difficulties of getting laid


We present this terrifying story of a forest in the village of Tunuyan

Tunuyán’s legend of the whispering forest